Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Watch This Space

Watch this space for cutting edge commentary that will look behind the news. I aim to cut to the chase about events that affect us as American citizens, from politics and ecology to culture and entertainment.

Well-researched discussion about the issues I post will be warmly welcomed.

Watch this space!


  1. I swear Hank, people in this country have simply lost their tiny little minds. The behavior is so egregious, so out of proportion to what is being discussed that it leaves me with my jaw hanging open. I mean, I hate people and think they are awful, lol, but I never have seen them confirm it quite so thoroughly.

    In my area, at a town meeting conducted by our local congressman, Frank Pallone, people actually shouted down a woman in a wheelchair who was trying to make a statement. They heckled an elderly woman who was talking about her handicapped husband and son. They screamed "It's your fault" at her. WHAT?!?! What is her fault?!? They don't even make any sense.

    When Pallone was trying to speak someone shouted he should have been aborted!!!! Again, what?!?! When did behavior like this ever become acceptable? I despised George Bush, but I wouldn't have thought it tolerable to behave like this towards him either. As you say, the position of President of the United States is one that has an inherent respect owed it.

    And the comments in the online version of our local paper?!?! Absolutely frightening to realize the level of ignorance and hatred out there.

    Too Draconian to censure Wilson?!?! Hardly. Since they are all acting like out of control children, maybe they need to be smacked and sent to bed without their supper. Perhaps that's the problem. They didn't have enough of being trained to be civilized in the first place.

  2. The level of vitriol out there reminds me of the old Dylan song, "Only A Pawn in Their Game,"

    ..."and he's taught how to walk in a pack
    Shoot in the back with his fist in a clench
    To hang and to lynch
    To hide 'neath a hood
    To kill without shame
    Like a dog on a chain
    He ain't got no name
    But it ain't him to blame
    He's only a pawn in their game."

    Who holds the game cards this time? Toxic talking heads like Rush, Glenn Beck, and the politicians willing to play the hate cards for their own ends.